Online reproductions and payment

One of the goals of the State Archives in Milan is to reach as many scholars and users as possible, while consistently providing the best service in terms of digital reproductions and easiness and safety of payment.

For this reason, the State Archives in Milan both provides digital reproductions of the vast majority of records it holds, and has activated an e-commerce payment system, which is effective with the most widespread cards (i.e. Visa, Mastercard).

Therefore, users will be able to request copies of:

• Records which have been already digitized and whose reproductions are accessible on the page Riproduzioni digitali in rete;
• Records held in our State Archives and described in our finding aids, but not digitized yet; scholars will consult the correct finding aids and write down the exact reference number of the record.

Further instructions

In order to obtain copies, users are invited to read carefully the following instructions.

It is always necessary to log in our system Divenire. In case scholars are already registered, they may simply fill out the form with your username and password, and then clicking “accedi”.

In case it is the first time scholars visit our page Divenire it is necessary for them to register by choosing the section “Registrati”, then entering personal data, as the system requires, and finally saving.